Hi Everyone!!

Hello All!

Welcome to the Offical Made in Windsor Blog, your soon-to-be one stop shop for everything funky handcrafted in Windsor, ON. 

The Made in Windsor store has been inspired by the very popular Made in Windsor Craft Shows, developed and organized by Christine Rideout-Arkell.  She will be opening her shop in August 2009 on Ottawa Street, and more information is soon to come! 

On this blog, you will be able to view all of our in-store items and inquire about them online.  Add us on msn so you can ask us about crafting advice and/or submit your work!  Our email address is madeinwindsor@live.com

We would love to hear from you and are looking forward to providing a fabulous store for the city of Windsor.  We will also be providing classes for people of all ages, as well as children’s story time packages that are complete with locally made toys and props to assist in storytelling, songs, and fun times for kids! 

CAN’T WAIT TO GET STARTED!! check back for updates, because we’re on a roll!


3 Responses to “Hi Everyone!!”

  1. Jen L Says:

    Congratulations Christine! Diving into the world of business must be stressful for a soft-spoken, mild-mannered librarian. The toil will be worth it and us future customers will be clammering to get into this store. Like everything you do – this too will be a success.


  2. Edwin Carpio Says:

    Hey Christine,
    Best of luck with your new store! It’s definitely going to be unique; I love the local connection spin too. When you’re up and running, I’ll post stuff on the my school board’s intranet (BBS) Maybe some of your crafts could be instant school art projects or you could come in as a guest crafts person…
    All the best to you

    • madeinwindsor Says:

      Thanks so much, that would be fantastic! Let’s talk more about it at rehearsal…if I ever have time to make it there again!

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