check this out!

dianne's doily

Dianne Clinton will be holding crochet classes at Made in Windsor, starting August 25th!  For information on her classes, please check out her page on this blog!  It’s called CROCHET CLASSES WITH DIANNE CLINTON!


2 Responses to “check this out!”

  1. Edyta Eansor Says:

    Wow! Fabulous job guys! We need a store like this in town! What an amazing idea! 🙂 Make sure to contact me asap and I’ll get you into the magazine! Lets meet up asap… It would be great to get you in this week to go to print for your opening!!

    • madeinwindsor Says:

      Hi Edyat. Sorry I’ve been so busy trying to get the doors open that I haven’t had time to check the blog until today! Still working on bringing in more inventory to fill up the space and finishing off other projects here…but we are certainly open for business. Would love to talk to you about getting in the magazine closer to our grand opening party in early September!

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