Finally got a new window display!

Inspired by an Anthropologie window display we saw online, Mary Ellen and I spent a night (two in her case) concocting a bevy of white birds.  That part was simple.  Figuring out how to balance them in the air using fine string and glue was a lesson in physics.  A few look like drunken seagulls flying upside down…but overall the effect is lovely we think!

Mary Ellen making birdsBird display from backBird display from side


2 Responses to “Finally got a new window display!”

  1. pc Says:

    drove by the other day and saw the display….it’s beautiful! reminds me of little boutique shops in europe. i wish more people would take the time to decorate their store windows like you have. it makes such a great impression. love the store and am so excited to watch grow and flourish in this neighbourhood!

    • madeinwindsor Says:

      Thanks so much, Pina. I agree…there’s nothing like a whimsical window display to catch the attention of passers-by. Almost everyone who walks by stops for a second to take a look. I couldn’t have done it without the help and creativity of the lovely Mary Ellen Kellington. I’ve got a list of ideas for future displays but am always open to new ones!

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