“Outstanding New Business” Nomination!

Some kind person has nominated Made in Windsor for a Biz X Magazine “Oscar” Award in the category of “Outstanding New Business 2009”!   Support for MIW has been growing in the community as was evidenced by the nearly 300 people who came through our doors for last Saturday’s official grand opening (post on that with photos to follow soon).


Biz X will be announcing the winners in their November/December 2009 edition.

Please post any comments or feedback you have about the store and we may include them in making our case as to why Made in Windsor should win!  Better yet, you can send comments to madeinwindsor@gmail.com . Thanks all!


5 Responses to ““Outstanding New Business” Nomination!”

  1. Jhoan Says:

    Well deserved!!

  2. Visitor from Toronto Says:


    I was driving through Windsor recently and decided to check out the store. I had heard about it through a friend in Toronto who had passed it along as a “good news story about a city that hasn’t been getting much good news lately.”

    I used to live in Windsor but there was never a store like this back then. In those days, you used to have to wait for trips to Toronto or Ann Arbor to find great finds like this! I couldn’t believe that a store like this was finally in Windsor. It really felt like I was at a store in Kensington Market or somewhere like that.

    The selection of handmade items blew me away and I had a really hard time choosing just one thing to buy (especially with the reasonable prices). I’m not in Windsor that often but I’ll definitely be going back to Made In Windsor again when I am!

    I wish you guys all the best!

  3. Karen B Says:

    Christine, you did it! I am so very very proud of you! What a wonderful addition to this town – a great location and a great blend of talent – both with hands and heart! I love that you incorporated your library skills with your crafts. It’s just so great to see. I haven’t gone into this store just yet – I’m afraid bc I know I’m going to drop serious cash – i just love it already!! Hoping to see you soon – much love,

  4. Biz X magazine Says:

    congrats to made in windsor! not all new businesses receive a nomination in our annual “Oscar” awards…there were 25 in the category and the competition was tough but you should be proud of this nomination!
    it shows that people love your shop …keep up the good work..
    and we hope you will be re-nominated in another category for our 2010 awards…
    deborah at biz x magazine

    • madeinwindsor Says:

      Thanks Deborah. I’m so thrilled that Brandi and Unique Rabbit won the award! It’ll surely help bring more people to the Ottawa St area.

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