Paper Wallet Workshop

paper walletsThe paper wallet Workshop was a great success.  Everyone left with a wallet, and some even used their new wallets before they left the store!

lots of paper!

working with Mary Ellen

We brought in our favourite kinds of paper: old magazines, crafting books, atlases,  and scrapbooking paper!

ironing away...First we cut out all of the pieces, then ironed some vinyl onto them…

first time sewing...Then we sewed them together…some people had never even sewed before.  It’s a bit scary at first, but once we got the hang of it we didn’t want to stop!

the mens wallet made with horse paper!

the mens she's rich!

the womens wallet

Finished wallets were a big hit!  The paper wallet is a quick and easy project that you can be very proud of!  They make great, inexpensive presents, and are a fantastic way to recycle paper.  Wallet patterns came in both mens and womens.  We received both patterns so we could make more when we got home.

shopping with our new wallets

Then, of course, we used our wallets to buy awesome stuff!


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