Juice Bag Workshop!

Monday October 19, 2009 from 7-9pm   $10

IMG_4297If you’ve been stockpiling your empty foil juice bags (or even if you haven’t) then we have a workshop for you.  Use them to create a bag that is durable, functional, fun, and definitely a conversation starter!  Simple sewing techniques will be used.  We’ll have sewing machines on hand but if you have a portable one that you’re more comfortable with please feel free to bring it along!

Materials required – Foil juice bags (Kool-Aid Jammers, Del Monte Grab n Go Pouches, etc).  Cut slit in bottom; drain juice; soak in soapy water; dry upright.  You’ll need about 24 juice bags to make the big bag pictured; 8 to make the smaller clutch purse.  We’ll have plenty of extra bags on hand if you don’t have enough of your own.

Call 519-973-0776 or email madeinwindsor@gmail.com to register.  Workshop fee is just $10!


One Response to “Juice Bag Workshop!”

  1. Bags Says:

    Cool! nice and great ideas ^^

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