Awash in a sea of pink…

Thanks to those who dropped in today to help raise awareness for the fight against breast cancer by helping to decorate pink ribbons for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.   The “Pinking Up the Town” goal is to have 10,000 of these ribbons hung up to decorate the May 22 Detroit race route.  Our Made in Windsor ribbons will be part of this international effort.  Thanks to Susan for baking butterscotch sticky buns and Jen for being an all-around helping-hand!

Check out for more details about the race.

The supplies

The results

Our youngest crafters took some time out to try on some knitted Sk-loves!


2 Responses to “Awash in a sea of pink…”

  1. Kari Says:

    Thanks so much for having a random craft for us to do! And it just happens to be a for an excellent cause. Good things are inevitable when you stop into Made in Windsor!

    Here’s a link to some pictures I took that day:

    • madeinwindsor Says:

      Thank YOU for dropping by and being so much fun! And thanks for the link to the photos. They are far more lovely than mine:) By the way I think you were the one asking about the Windsor t-shirts. I talked to Shane and unfortunately he doesn’t have any in the size you were looking for. I meant to give you a call but haven’t had a chance yet so I’m glad you posted a message. So sorry!
      Hope to see you soon!

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