Build Your Own Solar Pool Heater!

As backyard pools start to open up across the city some of you may be looking for alternative ways to heat them.  Local engineer Katie Soulliere and her Urban Transitions project have put out a how-to manual on building your own solar pool heater. Made in Windsor is happy to carry these manuals on our shelves for just $19.95.

The materials list and instructions are easy to understand and the potential savings are incredible.   As Katie mentions in the opening page of the manual, the plan “creates a simple pool heater capitalizing on the Sun’s heat. Simple tools and a trip to the local hardware store and/or salvage yard can produce a quality heater for your pool”.  Sounds like the perfect early summer project for DIYers!   Here’s a photo of a completed heater:

As outlined in their Mission Statement:

Urban Transitions is a company designing real world solutions for everyday problems. There are better ways, more mindful approaches, and simpler technologies to improve the quality of life for all.  Urban Transitions creates plans to help assist people in their journey torwards becoming self sufficient and free while reconnecting with the Earth.  We are in transition, and need to move back into rhythm with the Earth.

In addition to the Solar Pool Heater Plan, Made in Windsor also carries the Urban Transitions Vegan Wheat-Free Cookbook.


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  1. Briefs: Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun | windsoriteDOTca - windsor's hyper-local news, culture, music, arts and more Says:

    […] There’s a new DIY project manual available at Made In Windsor. Katie Soulliere, local engineer and creator of the Urban Transitions project, has published a guide to building your own solar pool heater. Using materials readily available from your local hardware and straight-forward instructions, pool owners can build a simple pool heater that capitalizes on the sun’s heat. […]

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