Made in Windsor book art display!

Check out images of our newest window display still in progress. We think it’s one of  our best yet!


4 Responses to “Made in Windsor book art display!”

  1. Michelle Wybenga Says:

    Oh the fun to be had with red wine and old books! Looks interesting…one intrigued customer already interested in stopping by (because she knows you always stock something she’d like)! Exclamation points!!!

  2. Rosina Says:

    Very neat!!

  3. Vanessa Says:

    I have seen this stuff in anthropologie. You copy a lot of their displays..

    • madeinwindsor Says:

      Actually, a co-worker loaned some of her pieces of folded book art to the store to use in our displays and that’s what gave us the idea! We started experimenting with the technique and of course googled to get ideas…we did see the anthropologie display among a bunch of other photos that we turned to for inspiration (recycled book art is quite common) but we were well on our way with the idea before we even saw theirs! Plus, if you’ve been past the store as the display has progressed you’ll see that we’ve included other recycled book elements such as strings of paper cranes and frogs. Admittedly, our very first window display last September (the one with the birds) was mimicking a photo that my friend printed me from the Internet (which turned out to be from Anthropologie…a store that I had never even heard of at the time). So yes we were guilty of copying that one. But all the window displays since then (the paper Christmas ornaments, the candy heart Valentine’s Day, the massive crocheted tree) were our own! It’s nice to know, at least, that someone is paying attention:) Thanks for your comment.

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